31 Aug 2012

Animemangapedia Go to AFA ID 2012

Tomorrow is the biggest anime festival that held in Indonesia, as an anime fans I cannot not attend this event and I have decide to come to Anime Festival Asia Indonesia on Saturday.

As soon as possible after I attend AFA, I will make a report so if you not attend it you can also know and feel atmosphere of AFA ID.

The last news I get related to AFA ID is Aki Takanori, Good Smile Company boss will join on Danny Choo stage, that is on 1 pm Saturday.

Ok, meet again tomorrow at JIExpo and if you want to know me, I will wear Seigaku jacket tomorrow.

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22 Aug 2012

What is Fansub?

And so, this time Let's discuss about fansub anime
Firstly, We must know first about fansub.

A: what is fansub?

B: Based On Wikipedia, fansub (Fan-subtitled) is a version of foreign film or foreign television program which are translated by fans and subtitled into other language, so that the other people, who are actually don't understand this foreign language, can understand the film because of the subtitle. The Subtitles are mostly English, since it is the most worldwide-known language in the world.

A: Is the subtitle free?

B: Yeah, all of the fansubs anime are FREE

A: Lol, very funny, do you think there are any person who want to do such a thing that not generating money for them, time-consuming and also tiring?

B: yeah, so be grateful that you can enjoy of what they done for ya, especially for free.

oh, so let me give another fansub which is not in English, powered by Google Image Search

A: Therefore, why do you make this post? I am sure there are something with just plain fansub anime here...

B: Yeah, actually here, I want to talk about the illegal issues about fansub. Well, you know, fansub is actually not from the producer of film ( yeah, it is fansub, not producer-sub ) so fansubs is basically do not have any license to produce the subs for the film. If we take serious consideration of the law, fansub could be seen as damaging the market, since it is freely distributed anywhere.

A: If that the case, why do the producer/company didn't take any serious issues about the fansub?

B: There are two actually two main reasons. The first one, is they are simply tolerating this fansub as "fan-activity" as long as the fansub are not too damaging to them, the second reason is that the company may find their investment in money and time for executing the prosecute is a waste.

and In the end, fansub is illegal anyways...

well, that's the information I can share you today, may this post helps you in any way
see ya later!
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20 Aug 2012

AFA ID 2012 Details & Culture Japan Night Jakarta Announced

Twelve days before Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012, official facebook fans page for AFA ID release the detail for the content schedule AFA ID 2012 that you can look from an image above.
Special guest appearance for Saturday 1 September will feature Kaname, Vivian Wijaya, and Danny Choo. Sunday 2 September will feature Akatsuki Tsukasa. Featured anime that is Eureka Seven: AO and K anime also will shown on Sunday 2 September.
Looking the special guest, seem Vivian Wijaya will be "special" guest for Indonesian visitor.
You can buy ticket from selected Indomaret outlet or also you can buy the ticket at the venue at JI Expo PRJ Hall A on 1st / 2nd September.

Through Danny Choo fans page, he post for Culture Japan Night Jakarta that will be held on September 3rd from 4pm-9pm.

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16 Aug 2012

XDCC, Another Method to Download Fansubbed Anime

Well, this is my first post as contributor in here, so cut me some slack if I am quite bad at this...

And so, This time, I want to tell you a bit about XDCC. What is XDCC?

well, there's actually some ways to download fansubbed-anime: there's torrent for you (obviously nyaa.eu for this one XD) , DDL Links , which are provided in some forums ( you can find it in the forum which I usually live in, Kaori Nusantara, in Mediafire Links :D), and XDCC, which I will tell you in here.

So, basically, XDCC is taking the files from the IRC Bots of fansubbers, the speed is quite similar with DDL with full speed, so this can be your alternative when the torrents is still full with the leecher and the DDL links can not be found.

The disadvantage is that the Bots may be down from time to time, however the chance is quite small, so I don't consider this as big problem though, and the files which are provided is limited to what the fansubber fansub, so do not expect to find old animes to be found there. And also, you will need some IRC programs to use this method, preferly MiRC or Chatzilla.

And so, how to do this XDCC thing?
I will throw a little tutorial here so make sure you pay attention to here.

For this time: I will take the newest XDCC available on doki, one of the fansubber, you can see the details from the picture below

Take a look where I highlight the words, XDCC, you can just click there :D ( this time I want to download the sixth episode of Dog Days' for myself lol)

The new page should show up, quite similarly like this one

Take a look again for what I highlight, there are 4 rows there, bots, pack, size, and file name
bots: it is the bot which you can take the file from
pack: this is actually the code, so that you can take the file specifically, will revealed much more later on
size: obviously, the file size
filename: yeah same here, here's the name of the file

and then, we go to the IRC programs, make sure you already found the rooms of the fansubbers, for this time #doki is it.

Then you will found there's some bots on the right, and for this time, because the bot is Doki|Homura, you will need to double click on there.
new page should show up like this

you will just need to type : xdcc send "the number of pack". the number of pack can be found on the pack rows in the XDCC page :D, and hell yeah, you will soon start downloading after confirming where to put the file, like that image.

This concludes both of my tutorial and my first post, may this information helps you!
Over And Out!

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8 Aug 2012

Good Smile Company Will Participate in AFA Indonesia

AFA ID 2012 just a few more days and this is one of the biggest anime/japan culture festival that held in Indonesia. Looking the scale of this festival, of course something is missing if this festival is not attended by famous artist or big company in anime industry.

To anticipate that, AFA ID has attracted many famous artists such as Lisa, Kotoko, Stereopony, Kaname, and Danny Choo to come in AFA ID.
The last information that I get, Good Smile Company the worldwide leader in Japanese hobby products, will come to Indonesia to take part in AFA ID.

This was stated in the facebook ask that they make in the official GSC facebook fan page.
They ask "we have a question to the Indonesians lives in the Indonesia." Where did you buy our real figures at the shop? "Because, we will go to the AFA Indonesia. Then, we want to go the real shops for marketing. Please let me know :-) "

This is good news for you guys who liked to collect nendoroid and if you live in Indonesia lets answer the question.
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1 Aug 2012

Initial D Anime Get New Series

Anime adaptation of Initial D manga created by Shuuichi Shigeno will get new anime series. This information was announced by 35th issue of Kodansha's Young Magazine on monday, but still don't know it will be ova, television series or another anime format.
As we know the last Initial D anime that was released is Initial D: Battle Stage 2 with OVA format in 2007.

Long time no see Takumi Fujiwara drive Toyota AE86, I think this new series will get good response from the fans.
One of the best racing anime with good story.

Source: Comic Natalie via ANN
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