24 Jun 2012

Will be Naruto Manga Finish in the Near Future ?

Surprising news came from the creator of Naruto manga, Masashi Kishimoto about continuation of the manga. Ok here is the news that I quote directly from ANN.
At the end of an article published in the Saturday evening edition of the Asahi Shimbun paper, manga creator Masashi Kishimoto revealed that his Naruto "series is rising towards its climax" at its current point. He added, "How the story will end has already been set in my mind, so the story is just 'racing headlong in that direction.'"

Looking the statement above, Masashi has know how Naruto story will end and currently naruto come near to the climax. But we never know will be naruto manga finish in the near future or the climax will occur very long. As naruto fans, I hope naruto manga will not end in the near future.

Source: Manga News, ANN via Orends Range

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