1 Apr 2012

Sayonara Winter, Welcome Spring 2012

At the end of March, all anime I watch that airing on winter 2011/2012 is end. Beelzebub, New Prince of Tennis, Persona 4 the Animation, Another, Natsume Yuujinchou Shi, Bakuman season 2, and Brave10 is end this season. I did not expect all my anime list is over this winter and I must wait for the spring 2012 anime season to release and it will not be long because on early april there are several anime will be release.
For Persona 4 the Animation have another ending, it will be release on DVD & Blu-Ray, the episode will be titled "True End Episode", I am curious how the end of the story.

Talk about spring 2012 anime season, there is anime including to the most anticipated anime. It is Fate/Zero second season, if you ever watch the first season you must know why this anime can be the most anticipated anime for you but if you and here is Fate/Zero Second Season PV.

Not just Fate/Zero, Spring 2012 season also offer many good anime such as Eureka Seven Astral Ocean, music anime Kids On The Slope (Sakamichi no Apollon), AKB0048, Saint Seiya Omega, Kuroko no Basuke for who like basketball anime, but if you like mystery anime genre you can try Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and Hyouka.

Winter 2011/2012 has over and many good anime must end like Persona 4 the Animation, Bakuman, and Natsume Yuujinchou Shi. Why I said it is all good anime, because the anime has many good life lessons, I like drama and slice of life anime genre.

Don't cry baby beel because we can meet again on the manga.

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