7 Feb 2012

Ocean Waves / I Can Hear the Sea (Film Television)

ocean waves i can hear the sea

Ocean Waves or also known as I Can Hear the Sea (Umi ga Kikoeru) is Studio Ghibli works film television that adapted from I Can Hear The Sea novel written by Saeko Himuro. Released on 1993 this drama romance anime film television tell story about triangle love between Taku Morisaki, Yutaka Matsuno and Rikako Muto. Taku and Yutaka are student on a high school on Kochi Prefecture and some day there is a transfer student girl from Tokyo who transfer to the high school, she is Rikako Muto. From the first look, Yutaka had interested to Rikako but Taku never show to Yutaka that he like Rikako.
Rikako Muto is good in academic and sport but she look arrogant because of that she does not has many friend, she just made friend with Yumi. Many conflict between Rikako and Taku until some day Yutaka fight with Taku because of Rikako. After that they never talk to each other until they are graduated from high school. Taku
A few years later, the high school hold a reunion, they meet again but Rikako not attend. That is when any problem solved, Yutaka apologize to Taku because he didn't realized if Taku like Rikako. Before the reunion, Yumi meet with Rikako and Rikako tell why she cannot join the reunion, she also said she wanted to meet a boy who like sleep in bath tubs.

Ocean Waves / I Can Hear the Sea present love story between high school student that packaged in a simple story which makes this story seem so real. This story is so common but with good packaging this film has a good attraction even though has just duration 72 minutes. Would be interesting if this anime film television get the sequel like the novel which has been get the sequel with title "I Can Hear the Sea II: Because There Is Love" but until now Studio Ghibli never realize that.
The good ending of Ocean Waves which closed with last word from Taku for Rikako, "and that is when I knew I'd always been crazy about her".

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