16 Jan 2012

Recorder and Randsell First Impression

Recorder and Randsell or known as Recorder to Randoseru is a short anime with 3 minutes length tell a story abut daily life of Miyagawa siblings. Atsushi an elementary student boy who has appearances like an adult, and his sister Atsumi, a highschool girl who has appearances like an elementary student.
Before watch this anime, I think Recorder and Randsell will be like Usagi Drop and just look from the image above I did not expect at all if a man who bring recorder is an elementary student.
I think along story of this anime will showing misunderstanding people to Atsushi and Atsumi who they are an elementary student and a highschool student, that's where comedy comes from.

If you watch the ending of episode 2, seen scene they are holding hands each other, I think this anime is not just show a comedy or ironi about their life but has some moral message.
After all, Recorder to Randoseru is not bad to watch as 3 minutes anime.

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