6 Jan 2012

First Indonesian Mangaka Published by Shogakukan

Shogakukan publisher will publish Kokkyonaki Gakuen (Campus Dwellers Without Borders), a manga created by Vivian Wijaya. This is the first time Indonesian mangaka which the manga can published by Shogakukan.
Kokkyonaki Gakuen is a manga with slice of life comedy genre that tells story about 15 years old Hajime Tomono who try to adapt in his school which the school students come from various countries. The story inspired from Vivian personal experience when she school in United Kingdom. The manga will publish in 3 language (Japanese, English and Bahasa Indonesia).
As quoted from ANN, "Born in Tokyo, Wijaya loved manga since childhood, but her doctor family discouraged her from pursuing a career as a manga artist. Unsatisfied with her job as a medical doctor, Wijaya attended the Jakarta-based Machiko Manga School and Tokyo's Nippon Designers School to pursue her dream. After graduation, Wijaya's teachers told the aspiring author that she had little chance of becoming a successful manga artist. However, Wijaya served an apprenticeship with the Hayate the Combat Butler manga creator Kenjirou Hata that helped her to improve and commercialize her works. The Indonesian manga creator's next project will target high school students, according to The Japan Times."

Steps taken by Vivian will make other Indonesian mangaka became more excited and maybe will trigger a lot of Indonesian people to work as mangaka. Go Vivian you can achieve your dreams.

Source:   ANN, Jepang Hari Ini


Animature said...

Great, now we got Korean manga (manhwa), the original Japanese manga and now we got Indonesian manga.

I wonder what they'll call it.
Let's hope we'll just get them over in Europe too ^^

Taufik Nurrohman said...

WOW! Unbelievable. :(o)