28 Dec 2012

D-Arts Charizard Preview

After Tamashii announced for pre-order of D-Arts Mewtwo, today I get good news that Tamashii officially present D-Arts Charizard, a fire dragon from Pokemon series.

The price for this figure with approximately 150 mm tall is about ¥ 3990 and will release in April 2013.
A set of D-Arts Charizard will include set of base effects, body content, set fire.

After Digimon series, now D-Arts really come to Pokemon series and the issue for the next pokemon D-Arts is Blastoise and Venusaur. Just wait for the newest information from Bandai.

If you interested, you can order it at CDJapan

D-Arts Charizard Image Preview

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15 Dec 2012

Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan 2012

At the end of 2012, as usual I give list of Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan. Like last year, Eiichiro Oda manga's One Piece still become the champion and the runner-up surprisingly Kuroko's Basketball can beat Naruto manga and throw Naruto to third position.
Here is the full list of Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan 2012 that cover sales November 21, 2011 to November 18, 2012.

  1. One Piece (Author: Eiichiro Oda ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 23,464,866 copies.
  2. Kuroko's Basketball (Author: Tadatoshi Fujimaki ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 8,070,446 copies.
  3. Naruto (Author: Masashi Kishimoto ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 6,495,240 copies.
  4. Space Brothers / Uchū Kyōdai  (Author: Chūya Koyama ; Publisher: Kodansha) with total sales 5,413,899 copies.
  5. Fairy Tail (Author: Hiro Mashima ; Publisher: Kodansha)  with total sales 4,128,665 copies.
  6. Kimi ni Todoke (Author: Karuho Shiina ; Publisher: Shueisha)  with total sales 4,039,715 copies.
  7. Silver Spoon  (Author: Hiromu Arakawa ; Publisher: Shogakukan)  with total sales 3,603,710 copies.
  8. Hunter X Hunter (Author: Yoshihiro Togashi ; Publisher: Shueisha)  with total sales 3,439,839 copies.
  9. Magi (Author: Shinobu Ohtaka ; Publisher: Shogakukan) with total sales 3,437,182 copies.
  10. Bakuman (Story: Tsugumi Ohba ; Art: Takeshi Obata ; Publisher: Shueisha) with total sales 3,211,191 copies.

The "old" manga Hunter x Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi is back to business with come to 8th position for this year. Kuroko's Basketball and Space Brothers manga is the rising star for 2012, it seems get impact from the anime adaptation release.

If you want to know the history of best selling manga in japan for past 3 years, you can visit 2011, 2010, 2009.

Source: Oricon via ANN
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7 Dec 2012

Kokoro Connect

Genius. That's what occurred to me to the author after watching this anime, really "weird".

It has a storyline which if examined only ordinary school life, but the depiction growth of each character is very strong with ideas and unique ways. That story ideas of this anime different from the other slice of life anime, use something supernatural but not overwhelming and the results are very good. The conflicts are very precise and will make the audience become curious about what will happen in next time. One more advantage of why I love this anime, there are many things that can be lessons in the real world, a lot of "quotes" that can also be used as motivation in life.

Type : TV Series
Episodes : 13
Status : Finished
Aired : July - September 2012
Genre : Slice of Life, School, Drama, Romance, Mystery, Supernatural
Studio : Silver Link

Taichi, Iori and Inaba are friends since Junior High School and when come to Senior High School, they back together. There, they do not enter any club but they instead form "Cultural Researcher Club" along with two new friends, Aoki and Yui. Finally they were familiar and friendly but actually they are not as close relations as it looks. Their relations and friendships so interests and be an object of for something calling itself a "Heartseed". For no apparent reason he was "interferes" their relationships with a mysterious phenomenon by swapping souls among the five of them at random, with the disorder their life becomes abnormal, their characteristics growing, and how with their relationship??

Story : It has a unique storyline and original, have strong character development (10/10)
Artwork & Animation: I think this series smiliar with K-ON artwork, simple but nice views, keep it nice and feels different views of the fashion style of each character, the depiction of the environment is also good. (8.5/10)
Music : Opening and ending sounds blend with the genre and story (9/10)
Seiyuu : With some experienced voice actors, drama in this series feels good (8.5/10)
Overall : With unique ideas this anime really brings life to each character, growth of each character so realistic to displays how someone would react and solved problems in friendships nor life (9/10)
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Ever watch Final Destination?! If so, in general this series it can be said this series is Final Destination anime version.

Type : TV Series
Episodes : 12 + 1 OVA
Status : Finished
Aired : Dec 2011 – Mar 2012 + May 2012 for OVA
Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Horror, School
Studio : P.A. Works

Lifted from a horror mystery novel written by Yukito Ayatsuji, this be one of the horror genre aniem which enough to make the audience carried intimidating atmosphere, not because of ghosts or other supernatural beings. Broadly smiliar to the plot of his novel, at the beginning of the story emphasizes the mystery and at the middle to late emphasis on the thriller and horror.

In 1972, a Middle school student of Yomiyama North in class 3-3 named Misaki is very popular among friends and even teachers, suddenly died of unknown cause. Many outstanding issues about how the death of Misaki, then students and teachers in her school acting strange, they think Misaki is still alive even on the day of graduation Head of school is providing a special chair for Misaki.

Spring 1998, Koichi Sakakibara transfers into North Yomiyama Junior High School and was in class 3-3 where he met someone strange girl with an eye patch on the left and the that girl looks ignored by all of his classmates. The day before he went to class 3-3, Sakakibara also accidentally saw a strange girl with the same appearance in the hospital who was a classmate, Mei Misaki. After Sakakibara entered, the class hit the mysterious death of myth, death would deprive everyone associated with class 3-3. So, what is the cause behind all of that?

Storyline : At first glance it looks like the cheat Final Destination but it is not entirely the same. Mystery indicated is good, quite complex and may make audience curious, also the story so difficult to predict. (8/10)
Artwork: When it comes to character, as usual PA Works has a good artwork (8.5/10)
Animation: The movement and behavior of each character is not so dynamic, pretty stiff, even some moments that look weird. Animation bloodshed in this anime is also pretty good and is not suitable for child. (7.5/10)
Music: This anime Opening is performed by Ali Project with Densen Kyoumu / "Nightmare Contagion" and its Ending "Anamnesis" by Annabel. Selection of song fits perfectly with the feel of this anime. (8.5/10)
Voiced by: Most of the main cast is filled by the usual or supporting seiyuu mediocre but their perform is pretty good. (7/10)
Overall: The mystery is quite complex and unpredictable, genre mystery horror anime fans still worth to watch this series. (8/10)
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3 Dec 2012

Top 10 Best Selling Light Novels in Japan 2012

The list for Top 10 Best Selling Light Novels in Japan 2012 has released. Not surprising, Reki Kawahara light novel, Sword Art Online become the top on the list and Accel World become the runner-up.

Here is the full list:

  1. Sword Art Online (Author: Reki Kawahara; Illustration: abec; Publisher: ASCII Media Works) with 2,764,454 copies sold.
  2. Accel World (Creator: Reki Kawahara/HIMA; Publisher: ASCII Media Works ) with 1,033,906 copies sold.
  3. Kotenbu (Classic Literature Club) Series/ Hyouka (Creator: Honobu Yonezawa; Publisher: Kadokawa Group Publishing) with 767,236 copies sold.
  4. Mahōka Kōkō no Rettōsei (Creator: Tsutomu Sajima/Kana Ishida; Publisher: ASCII Media Works) with 696,322 copies sold.
  5. Shinyaku Toaru Majutsu no Index /New Testament: A Certain Magical Index (Creator: Kazuma Kamachi/Kiyotaka Haimura; Publisher: ASCII Media Works) with 686,467 copies sold.
  6. High School DxD (Creator: Ichiei Ishibumi/Miyama-Zero; Publisher: Fujimi Shobo) with 654,224 copies sold.
  7. Haganai: I don't have many Friends (Creator: Yomi Hirasaka/Buriki; Publisher: Media Factory)  with 620,972 copies sold.
  8. Oreimo (Creator: Tsukasa Fushimi/Hiro Kanzaki; Publisher: ASCII Media Works) with 544,507 copies sold.
  9. Oda Nobuna no Yabō (Creator: Mikage Kasuga/Miyama-Zero; Publisher: SoftBank Creative) with 450,794 copies sold.
  10. Listen to Me, Girls. I Am Your Father! (Cretor: Tomohiro Matsu/Yuka Nakajima; Publisher: Shueisha) with 447,053 copies sold.
The popularity of SAO light novel seems can increase fastly because the popularity of Sword Art Online anime adaptation that released on July 2012.  Not just SAO, but maybe also that happen to Accel World and Hyouka light novel that get big impact from the anime adaptation.

Source: Oricon via ANN

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25 Nov 2012

Steins Gate Movie Burdened Region of Deja Vu Trailer

The upcoming Steins Gate Movie that titled Burdened Region of Deja Vu, finally got a promotional video with duration 119 second.

Burdened Region of Deja Vu will be released on Spring 2013 in Japan and will airing in at least 30 theaters in Japan.

Quote from crunchyroll
MAGES president Shikura Chiyomaru tweeted that the anime feature's original story with a new conclusion to the time travel mystery. 
It's been a quite long time not to see  mad scientist Rintaro Okabe struggle to change the future after the final episode of anime series was ended on September 2011. Not just to see the mystery and science fiction story but also more romance story that I expect from this movie.

Steins Gate Movie - Burdened Region of Deja Vu Trailer

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16 Nov 2012

Manga : Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE- usually shortened Tsubasa, one of the best manga that I’ve ever read. Altough I’ve not followed since the initial release of this manga, I always curious with this serial and never read manga which I continue following each chapter everyday until I finished read this from start.

Written by (Original Story) : Ohkawa and Nanase (CLAMP)
Original Art : CLAMP
Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Demographic : Shonen
Status : Finished
Total Volumes : 28
Published : May 21, 2003 – Oct 7, 2009

Synopsis :
About four travelers across the world over magic power multi-dimensional transport, bound by fate and future. The Princess of Clow Country, Sakura with a strange power that can change the world and her childhood friend who have dream to be an archeologist, Syaoran. One day, Sakura heard a strange sound which she feel called by its sound and that sound bring her to a sacred historical site. Instantly, after her arrive there, Sakura loss of consciousness then Syaoran get bad feeling and come to help her but it’s late. Sakura’s memories split up to another world dimensions in feather forms. To save Sakura from the death, Syaoran must travelling across dimensional worlds and however the one who can do it is a witch with a great price. Then Syaoran come to that witch and there he meet with Kurogane and Fay who have problems too. Then Syaoran must collecting her memories and travelling with two others which help him later.  In order to save his princess, Syaoran must give up his relationship with her. Even if he gathers all of Sakura's memories, she will never remember their past together...

This series have a complex story which packed with highly visual art and characters. As usual CLAMP, the art is very detail start from the hair, stylized eye until elaborating cloth which remains a unique style to them. And at the story, in early the story is very confusing, but by the time passess you will get unpredictable explanation for the story. Unlike other manga, story at this series complex but didn’t extend that causes many of curiousity, actually the story just have one problems. But overall, every scene described well, you may have a prediction but at the next single sometimes you will surprised and got panic. The others unique of this series,  there are many unexplained questions and the answer is on xxxHolic series. So, you will understand if patience to read xxxHolic too.

Overall: 9.5/10
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10 Nov 2012

Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha

Aired: Apr 3, 2011 to Sep 25, 2011
Genre : Drama, Slice of Life
Status : Finished Airing
Overall : 8.5/10

Ohana Matsumae, a 16 years old energetic girl, who sent by her mother from Tokyo to her grandmother's inn, Kissuiso, must struggle by working hard in that inn, in order to pay her living expense. Sui Shijima, Ohana's grandmother, is a strict and high-disciplined woman who runs Kissuiso. In her new place, Ohana learns a lot about everything and get new friends there. Aside her cheerful expression, there is a bittersweet love story hidden in her heart.

The overall art of the story is good, not to mention the graphics are dominated by beautiful scenes in the inn. In the early episodes, you may find depressive and tense atmosphere about how Ohana survive with her grandmother's strictness. But, as the time passes, everything goes brighter, Ohana owe a lot of thanks to her grandma instead for the life lesson she gets from her and how important to manage something carefully.
This anime also conveys, wherever you are, you must have somekind of work ethics in yourself (reflected on how Kissuiso employees do their routine)

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8 Nov 2012

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

Number of Episodes : 11
Aired: Apr 15, 2011 to Jun 24, 2011
Theme song
Opening : NICO Touches The Wall - Matoroyoshika
Ending : School Food Punishment - RPG
Overal : 9/10

Future is a worthy colleteral.
Struggling with his poor economy condition, Yoga Kimimaro tries to survive both as a college student and also a busy part-time worker. His dream is to live in secure and have a normal life. One day, a guy in the freakish costume named Masakaki comes into his apartment offering Yoga to be an entrepreneur in Financial District.
Yoga guesses it's only a dream, but in the next day, he is suprised that he get additional money in his account. Masakaki bursts upon and offers the same thing, and without Yoga realizes,  he is taken to Financial District and get an asset, a cute asset named Mashyu as a "weapon" to fight in Financial District. Yoga has no choice beside to be winner in every dealing or he'll lose his future instead, not also his future but also the future of real world that has been affected to [C] effect, a Financial District influence.

This is a serious anime, when the story stresses the effort of earning money and arranging the strategy well.
It shows to us, how important the money is and how money circulation can affect the economy.
It's very recommended to you, whoever who likes a fantasy work mixed with the common sense theory to watch it and always keep in mind that, we can't sacrifice future to a temporary pleasure in present.
Happy watching !
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The World God Only Knows

Status : On-going
Released : 2008
Author and Artist : Wakaki Tamiki

The World God Only Knows (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai), a comedy manga series, mixed with harem, supernatural and school life atmosphere. Keima Katsuragi is an avid gamer, especially galge (dating sims), his daily is spent with playing bunch of games, genius in any lessons, but has a physical issue (reflected on his P.E. lesson). One day, a mysterious letter come to his PFP inbox challege him to conquer some girls. After accept the challenge immediately, a cute devil from hell named Elsie visits him to assign a contract, if he can't manage to conquer the loose spirit which trapped in the certain girls, he'll lose his head. The journey starts here, although Keima has no willing to capture the real girl that he hates the most.
The theme of this story is unique, not to mention the cool attitude and consideration of Keima upon how he conquers the girls through a very neat chronological plot based on his experience playing galge for years. And also Keima has lack interest toward real life resembles some nowadays gamers' mindset as well.
This story, in my opinion, implicitly delivers the message, we have to be real and accept the reality. Unawareness is never a good thing.

Art : 8/10
Story : 9/10

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31 Oct 2012

La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

Type : TV series
Episodes : 12
Studio : J.C Staff, Sentai Filmworks
Aired : July 2 to September 16, 2012
Genre : Romance, Shoujo

There is a small trading island called Regalo. The peace of that island not keeps by law but powerful organization, The Arcana Famiglia. Most of this prestigious “family” is their mastery of the Arcana, mystical powers derived from tarot cards. The main story of this anime focused on wishes of the Arcana Famiglia leader, Mondo. He want to choose a successor through a tournament called the Arcana Duello. It’s event for all members who joined at family and especially members with Arcana powers. Winner of that duel will be husband of Mondo’s daughter, Felicita.
Two young men among the family are energic Liberta and serious minded Nova interested to protecting Felicita’s freedom than to be his wife. After that announcement, all of family members prepared for that duel, also to Liberta, Nova and Felicita. They’re get to know each other and with Felicita’s Arcana power to read minds, she discover Liberta and Nova’s problem. Are they can solved their problems and growing to controlled their Arcana Power?

Story : First watch this series, I was surprised with promising story, cool and unique of supranatural powers with original concept, but after following the whole series I was bored and a little bit disappointed. This series have potential good / strong stories but in fact the main problem is not good at all. Nothing powerful enemies or massive problems happen and all of family members use their powers, the story have very narrow scope which just focused on how each main characters growing and solved their problem and that’s it all. (6/10)
Artwork : One thing is good from this series and also following with epic animation (9/10)
Characters : Actually all of characters have a strong personality, but not supported with a good story. (8/10)
Musics : Opening song is good but the ending not suits at all I think. (7/10)
Seiyuu : With several good voice actors this series that still make anyone who follows the whole series will feel bored because of the story. (8/10)
Overall : (7.6/10)
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27 Oct 2012

Sword Art Online

Total of episode: (ongoing)
Original run: July 2012-ongoing
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Opening song: Crossing Field-LiSA (ep 1-14), Innocence-Aoi Eir (ep 15-)
Ending song: Yume Sekai-Haruka Tomatsu (ep 1-14), Overfly-Haruna Luna (ep 15-)

In 2022, there is a game named Sword Art Online. This game is the VRMMORPG ( Virtual reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) which player can play that game using Nerve Gear, a helmet that stimulates user senses via their brain, so they can control their in-game character with their minds. Kirito is one of the lucky beta-tester of that game.
At the launching of this game, all of 10.000 SAO sets sold. Kirito, who play this game again, meets some new friends in SAO world. Suddenly, the log out button dissapeared. Kirito and other players get a call from the maker of the game to gather at the lobby. The maker of this game, named Kayaba Akihiko , tell that starting from that time, SAO players can't log out from the game unless they reach 100th floor and beat final boss there. Can Kirito log out from SAO?

Story: the story is so cool. Romance and action in this anime are main spices that make me enjoyed this anime so much. 10/10
Animation: all of the scenes are amazing! Especially battle scenes, of course. 9/10
Music: the openings are perfect, especially second opening song. First ending song is lovely, but the second ending song is not really good as the first, I think. 8/10
Artwork: Kirito is sooo cute that I want to be his wife. The other characters are not bad, and I really love in-game costume of almost all of SAO players. 10/10
Seiyuu: Kirito's voice make me really in love with him. Other characters, like Asuna, also have good voice too. 10/10
Overall: 9,5/10
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Binbougami ga!

Total of episode: 13
Original run: July-September 2012
Studio: Sunrise
Opening song: Make My Day-PIKO
Ending song: Love Riot-HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Do you feel that you are fortune person? If yes, then maybe you're actually still lack of fortune than Sakura Ichiko. She is so rich, has her own butler, beautiful, liked by all of the boys in her class, and good in both academic and sports. She has so many Fortunes, that's why Binbougami (God of Misfortunes) named Momiji is choosing her as the target. Momiji wants to take some Fortunes from Ichiko to rebalance the world, but of course Ichiko doesn't want it. So, the days when Momiji try to take Ichiko's Fortunes are started ....

Story: the story is simple and funny. 9/10
Animation: the animation is good, especially at the opening and ending song. 8/10
Music: I love the opening and ending song videos! They are so creative and unforgettable. 9/10
Artwork: The chara design is quite cute and colourful. 8/10
Seiyuu: I love both Momiji and Ichiko's voice. And I never expect that Ichiko's seiyuu is Kana Hanazawa, who usually roles as cute or quiet characters. 8/10
Overall: 8,5/10
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Shirokuma Cafe

Total of episode: ongoing
Original run: April 2012-ongoing
Studio: Pierrot
Opening themes:
  1. "Boku ni Invitation" (ボクにインビテーション Boku ni Inbitēshon?, "Invitation to Me") by JP (eps 1-26)
  2. "Rough & Laugh" by Clammbon (eps 27 - )
Ending themes:
  1. "Bamboo☆Scramble" by Jun Fukuyama as Panda (eps 1-5)
  2. "Grizzly-san no G☆ROCK" (グリズリーさんのG☆ROCK Gurizurī-san no Jī Rokku?, "Mr. Grizzly's G☆ROCK") by Yūichi Nakamura as Grizzly (eps 6-9)
  3. "Mizuiro" (みずいろ?, "Light Blue") by Aya Endo as Sasako (eps 10-13)
  4. "ZOOtto, ne♪" (ZOOっと、ね♪ Zūtto, ne?, "Always") by Katsuyuki Konishi as Full-time Panda (eps 14-17)
  5. "Michinoku Shiiku Blues" (みちのく飼育ブルース Michinoku Shiiku Burūsu?, "Michinoku Raising Blues") by Wataru Hatano as Handa (eps 18-22)
  6. "Zokkon! Penko-san" (ぞっこん!ペン子さん?, "I'm Madly in Love with Ms. Penko!") by Hiroshi Kamiya as Penguin (eps 23-26)
  7. "Kimama ni Panda-Mama" (気ままにパンダママ?, "The Indulgent Panda-Mama") by Toshiyuki Morikawa as Panda-Mama (eps 27 -)

Lazy and not want to doing anything at all except sleeping and eating, that's Panda. Panda's mom really want Panda to find a job, but Panda never want to. One day, Panda find a cafe named Shirokuma (Polar Bear) Cafe, with Mr. Polar Bear as the owner. The cafe is recruiting any animals who want to be a waiter or waitress. Panda is excited while he knows that, so he register to be interviewed with Mr. Polar Bear.
Story: the story is simple and funny. It is so cute when animals like polar bear and panda can interact with human and using human language. 8/10
Animation: the animation is quite good. 7/10
Music: the opening song is quite good and  like K-pop song, but the ending song is not really good. 6/10
Artwork: Panda and his friends is tooooo cute. 8/10
Seiyuu: Although main characters of this anime is animal, the seiyuus are proffessional, such as Jun Fukuyama. 8/10
Overall: 7,5/10
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25 Oct 2012

Official Anime Merchandise from Toshin

Toshin a new anime fashion brand from VIZ Media has launched several anime merchandise in the last two months and on 15 October Toshin announced their official Toshin store on cafepress.com. Official naruto and bleach stuff like t-shirts, bag, IPhone and IPad case has launched by Toshin with good price for "official" anime stuff, with only $15 you can own a naruto posses mug.

For this time Toshin just add two popular anime to their line product, that is Naruto and Bleach but Toshin will add more anime and product design in the future.

Not just limited by Toshin design, you can also design your own Naruto gear, very interesting concept I think. If you interested to buy Toshin product you can go to http://www.cafepress.com/+narutotv+gifts for Naruto merchandise or http://www.cafepress.com/+bleachtv+gifts for Bleach merchandise.

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16 Oct 2012

Nendoroid Asuna Preview

nendoroid asuna

Sword Art Online, an ongoing anime that airing since summer get high and good response. Yuuki Asuna is one of SAO main character. Not just beautiful, she also has good combat ability and she is a sub leader of Knight of the Blood guild. Now, the character who also become Kirito wife get a nendoroid figure.

Nendoroid Asuna has three expressions that is standard expression, serious expression and cheerful expression. She also bring her rapier so you can make a pose when Asuna fight.

Not complete if her couple, Kirito not accompany Asuna. So nendoroid Kirito also will be released but will be announced shortly.

You can pre order Nendoroid Asuna on Hobby Search 
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14 Oct 2012

Tari Tari

Type : TV Series
Episodes : 13
Studio : P.A Works
Aired : July – September 2012
Genre : Slice of Life, School, Music

In the last year of high school is always be one of most interested moment in life, have much memories both happy and sad, a time to looking forward and back. Five students from Shirahamazaka High School which have different dreams met and grouped in a chorus club. Sakai Wakana, despite the fact she is very good at singing but refuse from music because tragedy about her mother. Sawa Okita, a girl who want to be professional’s horse rider but it dispute with her father. Konatsu Miyamoto, short and earnest girl who loves sing and dance. Leader and creator of a new chorus club at Shirahamazaka High School which previous she is a member in choir club but rejected cause she make a problem when in a festival one year ago. Taichi Tanaka, a solo member in badminton club and have a dream to be a professional badminton player. And last a transfer student from Austria, Atsuhiro “Wien” Maeda. He is very obsessed with a super sentai show called Ganbaraijers (Ganba Rangers), and always write letters to young and a sickly Austrian boy named Jan.

Story started when Konatsu rejected from choir club but in her last year at high school she wants singing in Festival. A new club minimal have 5 members for accepted and can participate in festival, and then later Konatsu invite Sawa who also member of archery club, Wakana, Wien and Taichi. Taichi joined the group cause the badminton club also not have member, so Konatsu make an offering to make group club.

Storyline : This anime’s genre is slice of life about school and musical. There was not anything special or put a new spin on the genre, but life story about each problems of 5 main characters solved it so epic, story about how music bring people together despite their differents and how they’re raise their goals in the future. This anime still worth and enjoyed to watch. (8/10)
Artwork : As usual P.A Works present nice artwork (9/10)
Characters : Most of the main characters with different personal described well and not excessive so feel drama enjoyed to watched. Plus design character from P.A Works very beautiful. (9/10)
Musics : Every songs is amazing and enjoying! (10/10)
Seiyuu : While voice actors not from “top level” but they’re played with good and balanced. (8/10)
Overall (8.5/10)

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9 Oct 2012

Toys Games Republic 2012 Report

Toys Games Republic 2012 or also known as TGR 2012, local event for toys and games community especially action figure collector has been held last week at 5-7 October 2012 in Bandung, Indonesia. This event was enlivened with cosplay contest, eat ramen contest, PES 2012 tournament, and toys auction. The visitor dominated by adult, because we know action figure collectors mostly is adult.

Action figures that be on display dominated with action figure from west film characters like star wars, iron man and the others. But booths that sell figures dominated with action figure from anime/manga/tokusatsu characters like gundam, naruto, bleach and kamen rider. They are also offer big discount up to 50% for some item, it is very delightful for action figure collector. On there I bought Robot Damashii Gundam Age 1 Normal and Sengoku Basara gashapon, these items is enough to make my wallet thinner ^_^.

Here is some photos of Toys Games Republic 2012.

Darh maul cosplay

doraemon toys

son goku action figure

star wars action figure

yoda action figure

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2 Oct 2012

00 Gundam Seven Sword/G High Grade Review

A few weeks ago I attended Anime Festival Asia Indonesia 2012, at the festival not just to see special guest and take picture of cosplayer, I also buy a model kit, 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G HG. Even though it is an old figure because the model kit actually been released two years ago on 2010 but this figure make me interested because 00 Gundam I think is the best gundam television series, not just because of the story but the gundam model is so cool.
Ok back to review, I do not want to rate or compare this gundam model kit with another figure because I am not the expert of this field. I will just show appearances of the gundam after I assemble it and give information about what is my "experience" in assembling.

Gundam 00 Seven Sword HG

To assembly 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G HG is not difficult if you follow the instruction on the manual guide, but I confuse I didn't see tutorial on the manual guide to stick the sticker, so I just looking at the picture on the box and just suppose it where to stick the sticker. Be careful when you assemble some part on the head, is is very small, I throw off a part to be installed on the ear.

Gundam 00 Seven Sword HG 2

If you want to have 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G HG, for now you cannot order it because the status is sold out, you can wait it when Bandai re release this model kit. But if you do not want to be busy in assemble it, you can buy Bandai Robot Damashii 00 Gundam Seven Swords and it is available to order.

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29 Sep 2012


Total of episode: 13
Studio: Satelight
Original run: April-July 2012
Opening song: "Kibou ni Tsuite-No Name"
Ending song: "Yume wa Nando mo Umarekawaru-No Name"

In the future, there is a rule that entertainment must be banned. Anyone who breaks the rule should be punished. However, AKB0048, the successor of AKB48, popular idol group (and the members is the successor of AKB48 too), is quietly giving entertainment to their fans. Beside singing and dancing, AKB0048 members also have weapon which is like mic with light saber, so they can defeat the government's robots which are attacking them during the show. Nagisa, Chieri, and two other friends have already seen AKB0048 performing while they were child, and they are really want to be the member of AKB0048. So, they decide to join the audition member.

Story: the story is quite good, but it is too many mechas for anime containing idol group. 7/10
Animation: mecha parts are quite good, but dancing parts are not really good. 7/10
Music: AKB48 songs are as good as usual. No Name, which is subunit of AKB48 and its sisters' members who role as voice actor in this anime, also sings very well song. 10/10
Artwork: the girls' chara designs are too girlish with love sign at their hair. The AKB48 members images are different from the original. 5/10
Overall: 7/10 Seiyuu: No Name is awesome as a voice actor. However, it must be better if the AKB48 members in this anime is using real voice of AKB48 members. 7/10

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