20 Dec 2011

TV Ads Directed by Makoto Shinkai

All this time we know Makoto Shinkai is an anime film director, One of his work that very famous is 5 Centimeters per Second anime film. But besides he is a creator of anime film, Makoto Shinkai also directed tv ads which the ads is a animation.
Here is two tv ads that directed by Makoto Shinkai

The video above is the ads for the local for newspaper of Shinkai hometown.

The above tv ads is look like the 5 centimeters per seconds anime film looking from the art style, but If you see at the ending of the tv ads, there is written Taisei. I think this tv ads is the ads for Taisei corporation, a Japanese corpooration who has business area in building construction services. But for sure, I don't know because no English sub in the tv ads. Very beautiful tv ads.

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