14 Nov 2011

Usagi Drop Special Episode 2.5 Review

Usagi Drop Special Episode 2.5 showing another day of Daikichi taking care of Rin. This time, Rin interested to make a fish from the leaves that have fallen. Rin knowledge about fish is not good, so Daikichi bought her a book about fish and join with Rin to make fish using leaf.

As usual, Rin is smart girl so she drawing an atmosphere of underwater life in a drawing book which the fish is made from the leaf. Then be "Leaf Aquarium".

Usagi Drop always brings a feeling of peace to people who watch it in duration 24 minutes with a simple story. But this special episode, just has duration 5 minutes that make me want more to watch Usagi Drop after few months is not see Daikichi and Rin.
Just 5 minutes, I expect more.

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