20 Nov 2011

Newest One Piece Movie Will be Set in New World Arc

Prepare for the newest One Piece movie because this movie is said to be the One Piece movie greater than One Piece Film Strong World.

At the end of One Piece Film Strong World which aired on Fuji TV, appear an announcement that new One Piece film in production. The announcement is said  "Urgent announcement! Production on the greatest film in One Piece's history — the newest theatrical film which will surpass Strong World — has been green-lit!! The curtain now opens on the first battle in the New World arc on the final seas!!".

Hear the announcement, it can be seen the new One Piece film will be set in New World Arc. What kind story will be presented, so they are confident to say this film will exceed the strong world.

Source: Moe Ota-News Sokuhō via ANN

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