15 Nov 2011

Fate/Zero Holy Grail War Charts

Fate/Zero television anime series is now airing this fall and if you watch it maybe you are a little confused about the character relationship so you cannot understand the story. To tackle the problem, the official website of Fate/Zero release three chart that can you download from the official website page and available in JPEG and PDF file formats. The three charts is called  "Yoku Wakaru Seihai Sensou (Chūkyū Hen)" (Holy Grail War Made Simple (Intermediate Level)).
As quoted from ANN "One chart describes traits of key characters in the series as well as their personal relationships with each other. Another document provides a glossary with terms important in understanding the Fate/Zero anime. A third "beginning level" chart describes the basic master/servant relationships seen throughout the series."

Holy Grail War Made Simple Intermediate level

The image above is one of the three charts that you can download. If you want to see the chart above more clearly and you want to see all charts, I suggest you to download all three charts in the official website page Fate/Zero.
Too bad because it is only available in Japanese version.

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