5 Aug 2011

High High High by Kasarinchu


This summer, an anime television series titled Usagi Drop is airing. The anime that adapted from the manga has good story and animation graphic style. Not just that, the factor people love Usagi Drop because the Ending Theme Song. High High High by Kasarinchu is the ending theme song of Usagi Drop.
When I heard this song, I really like it and I think it is very suitable to become ending theme song of Usagi Drop. There is something interesting with High High High song, because the melody is came from human beat box. I did not expect at all the melody in High High High song is from human beat box.
Kasarinchu is music group with 2 members, Tatsuhiro who plays acoustic guitar and vocal, Kousuke who plays human beat box. Kasarinchu made it is debut in 2010.
Good song for good anime.

Sorry I did not find the lyric, if you have it, you can share to me.
Ending Theme of Usagi Drop "High High High" by Kasarinchu (Full Version)

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