14 Aug 2011

Fall Anime Lineup 2011 by Neregate

Neragate fast moving with release Fall Anime Chart 2011 version 4, on the chart you can see the lineup of
Fall anime season 2011. Hunter x Hunter new anime series that had just announced has been included to the Fall Anime Chart 2011 Neragate version 4.
Fall 2011anime season many interesting anime to watch, you can count from Hunter x Hunter new anime series, Mobile Suit Gundam Age, Bakuman second season, until Persona 4 The Animation and other anime that maybe interest to you like Lupin III, Mirai Nikki and Fate/Zero.
Personally I am very waiting for Bakuman second season, and how about you? What anime would you like to watch on Fall 2011?
Thank you very much to Neregate.com to create Fall Anime Chart 2011 and always update the chart.

Fall Anime Chart 2011 version 4 Neregate

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