14 Mar 2011

Nendoroid Petite

nendoroid petite

Nendoroid petite or also known as nendoroid puchi is one type of nendoroid figure, as we known nendoroid has three type, that is regular/standard, plus and petite. Nendoroid petite has smaller body than regular type, height around 5 cm.  Good Smile Company has been released many nendoroid petite such as nendoroid petite mato & yomi, vocaloid series, death note case file 01 & 02,  K-ON, and other nendoroid petite that is not less in quality than the standard type.
Maybe only this that I can share to you about nendoroid petite, if you must choose, which one standard or petite and tell your reason to me?

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