17 Mar 2011

Impact of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami on Anime Manga Industry

On 11 March 2011, Japan rocked by an earthquake 8.9 SR that caused tsunami. Because the tsunami thousands of people died and thousands more is missing. Not only that Japan now is in nuclear crisis  because of the nuclear reactor that was damaged by the earthquake. Disaster is affecting various sectors one of them is the anime and manga industry.
Impact of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami on Anime Manga Industry is causes many anime events cancelled. "The official website of the Anime Contents Expo (ACE) 2011 event confirmed on Thursday that the event has been cancelled in the wake of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. A FES, the anime song event that would have taken place during the same March 26-27 weekend and in the same Makuhari Messe convention center as ACE, was already cancelled", as quoted from ANN.
Not only that, "The official website of the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2011 has officially announced that the event has been cancelled in view of the unstable power and the unspecified damages to Tokyo Big Sight", as quoted from alafista.
Besides anime events, many anime and manga releases delayed or cancelled because of Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami. The anime and manga delayed or cancelled such as, Dragon Crisis! episode 10, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? episode 10, 16th issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine and many more anime or manga releases delayed or cancelled.
I forget one thing to share to you, Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami also make whole office of Hobby Link Japan, an internet mail-order business in Tochigi Japan become fall apart. You can watch the video about the situation in Hobby Link Japan office when earthquake occur.

Source: ANN, alafista

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