21 Feb 2011

Kampfer fur die Liebe Preview

Kampfer fur die Liebe is the second season of Kampfer TV anime series, that will be released on upcoming spring 2011. Look back the success of Kampfer first season, Kampfer fur die Liebe potentially will be the most anticipated anime in spring 2011, but the Japanese broadcaster TBS and King Records' Starchild Records label revealed that one of the two episodes in the all-new Kampfer fur die Liebe anime sequel will not be televised. Instead, the entire sequel will be screened during the first official Kämpfer event, which will be held at the Odaiba Cinema Mediage theater in Tokyo on March 6, as quoted from Anime News Network.

Release Date:
    2011-03-06 (Special screening @ Tokyo's Odaiba Cinema Mediage Theater)
    2011-03-31 (TBS broadcast)
Genres: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Official Website: StarChild:Kampfer

Kampfer fur die Liebe Trailer

Source: ANN

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