15 Jan 2011

Video Game Awards 2010 on Animax

VGA 2010 on Animax

Video Game Awards (VGA) is the awards for achievements of gamers, designers, animation, breakhrough technology, music and performance of the past year in the gaming industry. VGA also showing the most anticipated games that will be out in the next year.
Video Game Awards 2010 has been held on December 11, 2010 in Los Angeles. You can watch the VGA 2010 on Animax premiering Sunday, 23 January at 7.10 pm. Animax viewers can watch VGA 2010 that presented by top hollywood celebrities, and has 26 categories featuring the very best of gaming such as Best PC Game, Best RPG, Most Anticipated Game, and the most awaited for audience is Game of the Year, which was won by Read Dead Redemption. Bad news for anime fans because Final Fantasy XIII, the game much loved by the anime fans not winning for the Best RPG category.
Watch VGA 2010 on Sunday, 23 January at 7.10 pm just on Animax!!

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