6 Dec 2010

Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan 2010

Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan 2010 in the first place is occupied by One Piece manga with 32,343,809 total copies. With this result One Piece successfully defend his title as best-selling manga which last year One Piece also occupies first place in the Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan 2009 only with 14,721,241 total copies.
Second place is occupied by Naruto with  7,409,068 total copies, very far behind from the results achieved by One Piece. In third place occupied by Kimi ni Todoke followed by Fairy Tail and Bleach. I was surprised because bleach that last year occupies third place, now only in the fifth place at Top 10 Best Selling Manga in Japan 2010.

This list is the manga sales start from November 23, 2009 to November 21, 2010 in Japan by series:

  1. One Piece (Author : Eiichiro Oda, Publisher : Shueisha) with 32,343,809 total copies.
  2. Naruto (Author : Masashi Kishimoto, Publisher : Shueisha) with 7,409,068 total copies.
  3. Kimi ni Todoke (Author : Karuho Shiina, Publisher : Shueisha) with 6,572,813 total copies.
  4. Fairy Tail (Author : Hiro Mashima, Publisher : Kodansha) with 5,739,526 total copies.
  5. Bleach (Author : Tite Kubo, Publisher : Shueisha) with 5,204,193 total copies. 
  6. Fullmetal Alchemist (Author : Hiromu Arakawa, Publisher : Square Enix) with 5,165,052 total copies.
  7. Gintama (Author : Hideaki Sorachi, Publisher : Shueisha) with 3,978,439 total copies.
  8. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (Author : Akira Amano, Publisher : Shueisha) with 3,479,219 total copies. 
  9. Nurarihyon no Mago (Author : Hiroshi Shiibashi, Publisher : Shueisha) with 3,269,379 total copies.
  10. Nodame Cantabile (Author : Tomoko Ninomiya, Publisher : Kodansha) with 3,246,355 total copies.
Source: Oricon via ANN

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