4 Nov 2010

Winter 2011 Anime Season

Winter 2011 Anime Chart has been created by cowboybibimbop. There appears upcoming TV anime airing from December 2010 to February 2011. Beelzebub which I will probably watch this winter for anime series. And also on this winter will be released Mitsudomoe season 2, which may be watched by many people.
Dont forget Angel Beats Special Episode: Stairway to Heaven will be released on December 22. How about you, what Winter 2011 Anime will you to watch?

Winter 2011 Anime Chart

winter 2011 anime

Thank you very much to cowboybibimbop for create Winter 2011 Anime Chart and for moetron to share this info.

Source: moetron, cowboybibimbop

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