17 Jul 2010

Akatsuki Cosplay Collection

When I searching for keyword "itachi uchiha cosplay" at google, appear picture two people who wearing itachi uchiha and kisame costume. The picture make me interest about akatsuki cosplay so I change the keyword to "Akatsuki Cosplay" then appear many picture Akatsuki Cosplay. Starting from very cool picture, unattractive, until "I dont know what they are wearing" (hahaha ^_^). I get this picture below from many website.  Which one do u think are very cool akatsuki cosplay? (Click Read the rest of this entry to see picture)

Top 5 Akatsuki Cosplay Anime Manga Encyclopedia blog version
Akatsuki cosplay 1

Akatsuki Cosplay 2

Akatsuki Cosplay 3


cecil04 said...

I like the first Akastuki cosplay picture, looks clean. Anyway can you tell me how to make a new template.

Afidahlia said...

cool.... i like it