13 Jun 2010

Shiki Anime

Shiki is an anime adaption from shiki horror mystery manga author by Fuyumi Ono and illustrated by Ryu Fujisaki. As we known before, Fuyumi Ono is the writer of the novels Ghost Hunt and The Twelve Manga. Ryu Fujisaki has drawn Soul Hunter manga.
Shiki tell story about a village with population of 1300 people. During summer many mysterious deaths that occured. Finally the cause is known vampire.

Release Date : 2010-07-08
Official Website : http://www.okiagari.net/

Shiki is summer anime 2010 that I recommend you to watch.

Shiki Anime Trailer


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Anime Manga Encyclopedia said...

ya, become a mangaka is not easy. but you can study

Edward said...

There's a great post here about Shiki - http://www.mangauk.com/?p=attack-of-the-corpse-demons