27 Jun 2010

Angel Beats Episode 13 (Final)

Angel Beats Episode 13 is the last episode of Angel Beats anime series. The title for this final epsiode is Graduation. In this episode that reveals all the mystery of the story just left 5 character, because the other has been graduated. Yuzuru Otonashi, Yuri Nakamura (Yurippe), Kanade Tachibana, Naoi Ayato and Hinata Hideki wait each other to "graduate" so they make graduate ceremony. One by one start from Ayato, Yurippe, Hinata has graduate, finally just left Otonashi and Kanade. Otonashi just want to walk forward together with Kanade and do not want to leave with Kanade but for some reason Kanade must leave Otonashi and when she say "Thank you", it is a farewell to Otonashi.
After they "graduated" is not explained where they go and what new life happened to them just a few second that show Otonashi who was chasing a girl who looked like Kanade. But the point of this epilgoue is just farewell and good bye. Seems very good story if made sequel version.
This story reminds me when I still school and must say farewell to my friends. Yeah so sad but life must go on.

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