19 May 2010

Life Size Evangelion Bust at Mt Fuji

Last year, 18 meter life size Gundam has build at Odaiba, Japan. This year a life size Evangelion Bust will built at near foot of Mt Fuji. The life size Evangelion Bust will called Evangelion : World - Life Size EVA-01 Construction Project.
Japan Fuji-Q Highland amusement park has announced that it will open the pavilion, Evangelion : World - Life Size EVA-01 Construction Project on July 23. The pavilion will house the world's first real-life recreation of the scene where Shinji Ikari had encountered the EVA-01 unit for the first time. Visitor can pay to taken a photos from life size cockpit of an Evangelion unit.
This is a good news for evangelion fans, and do you want go to Japan on July 23 ?

Source : ANN

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