9 May 2010

Kakashi vs Pain : Naruto Shippuuden 159

Kakashi vs Pain, that is the main title of Naruto Shippuuden episode 159. This episode tell the battle Kakashi vs Pain, in the battle Kakashi get help from Chouji, Chouza (Chouji's father) and the others to defeat Pain but the help is useless and finally all of them get seriously injured. Kakashi tell Chouji to run save himself and tell Tsunade about Pain power. And to save Chouji from Pain attack, Kakashi use his sharingan to create another dimension hole but that jutsu causes exhaust all his chakra and stamina. Finally Kakashi Hatake must fall on the battlefield.
This episode give a side heroism of Kakashi Hatake because he sacrifice himself to protect his comrades and Konoha Village like his father(Sakumo Hatake) did in the past. Beside that, this episode give past memories of Kakashi by bringing people who are very mean to him in the past, they are Minato Namikaze, Obito, Rin and Sakumo Hatake . And this episode give an explanation why he very want to stay alive even though he must sacrifice his life to protect Chouji.


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