23 Apr 2010

New Gundam Cafe at Akihabara

Bandai open new gundam cafe at Akihabara on April 24. Cafe with 144.2 square meter has capacity 60 seats. Gundam cafe will serve Jaburo Coffee made from South American coffee beans. Other menu offered are Gunpla-yaki, a take out dish shaped like gundam plastic model kit.
Bandai will also use this Cafe Gundam to promote their new product.
To see more picture about Gundam Cafe, can visit Akihabara News. And you can visit The Gundam Cafe's Official site.
Gunpla-yaki, hmmm make me hungry

Source : Akihabara News , ANN
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20 Apr 2010

Create Anime Character with Tinier Me

Create your own anime character with Tinier Me. At Tinier Me you can dress your character with shopping some item at Selfy Fhasion Shop. At Selfy Fashion Shop many cool item you can buy, start from shirts, jackets, trousers, facial features and accessories. You can buy item with Chibi Coins, and some item  need G-Coins. You can buy and raise a Chibi Pet too.
There are a few ways to earn Chibi Coins :
1) First account registration - 300 Chibi Coins
2) Logging in to TinierMe - 5 Chibi Coins (Once per day)
3) Writing a Diary Entry - 5 Chibi Coins (Once per day)
4) Visiting and entering a friend's Room - 2 Chibi Coins (Max 30 times per day)
5) Writing a comment on a friend's Diary - 2 Chibi Coins (Max 30 times per day)
6) Writing a comment on a non-friend's Diary - 1 Chibi Coin (Max 30 times per day)
7) Leaving a Guestbook comment - 1 Chibi Coin (Max 30 times per day)
8) Participating in an online poll - 20 Chibi Coins (Once per poll)
9) Receiving Chibi Coins from users - 1 Chibi Coin (Max 10 per day)
10) Inviting friends to TinierMe via the Friend Referral system - 200 Chibi Coins per friend (50 friends per month limit)

Not just create anime character at Tinier Me, but you can go to Selfy Town and meet with other player around the world. You can chat or playing games together. There are 2 mode to playing game, play together or play solo. With playing games, you can earn Chibi Coins.
You can connect Tinnier Me through Facebook too, so you can play Tinier Me with Facebook Application. But if you play through Facebook, there are some feature cannot use.
To play Tinier Me just click Tinier Me.
To play through Facebook just click Tinier Me Facebook Aplication.

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12 Apr 2010

New Opening Ending Themes 2 Durarara!!

Durarara!! episode 13 finally has aired, this episode was so special because its comes out with new Opening and Ending Theme Durarara!!. For the Opening 2 Theme - Complication by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D. And for the Ending 2 Theme - Butterfly by ON/OFF.
Hmm, I prefer ED 2 than ED 1 and for OP 1 and OP 2, I like both. But each person must have different tastes. How about you ??

Opening 2 Theme - Complication by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D
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