30 Mar 2010


Netero : Character Profile & Biography (Hunter x Hunter Anime and Manga)

Netero is a character from Hunter x Hunter anime and Hunter x Hunter manga created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Netero is the Chairman of Hunter Association. Netero is the strongest Nen user in the world 50-years prior to the start of the series. Netero is Grand Master of the Shingen-Ryu Kung Fu style and the owner of emission (Hoshutsu) nen type.
Netero is older than Zeno Zoldyck. Zeno says when he was still young, Netero was not only already old, but he is the only person who still alive who ever fought against Maha Zoldyck, Zeno's father. Netero use 99 Palms, 100-type Kannon(Goddess of Mercy) and Hyakushiki Kannon to try defeat King of Chimera Ants, Meryem. But that all abilities cannot defeat Meryem. Finally at the end of his life, Netero decided to commit suicide, so the bomb inside his body will explode if his heart stopped beating. The explode destroy Netero and made Meryem seriously injured. The bomb is called "Miniature Rose".
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21 Mar 2010

Anime Spring 2010 Lineup Chart, New Version

New version anime spring 2010 lineup chart from Chartfag, there are not many changes from previous version (you can see it from my previous blog posting). Besides House of Five Leaves, I will watch Romance of the Three Kingdoms. And maybe I will watch Hakuoki : Shinsengumi Kitan, Angel Beats!, Senko no Night Raid. Only a few days, what anime you want to watch this spring ??

Thanks to chartfag.wordpress.com for the anime spring 2010 lineup chart

Source : Chartfag (image)
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8 Mar 2010

Anime Spring 2010 List

Spring 2010 has come, many cool anime will be release. Many anime fans will be watch K-On! 2 and Angel Beats! this spring, but I am more interested with House of Five Leaves(Sarai-ya Goyou), story about the life of a samurai. For anime movie, I want to watch Trigun : Badlands Rumble, long time no see Vash the Stampede in action.
And what about you, what anime you want to watch this spring ?

Anime Spring 2010 Release Date :
  1. Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn - 12.03.2010 (OVA)
  2. Major 6th Season - 03.04.2010 (TV Series)
  3. SD Gundam Sangokuden - 03.04.2010 (TV Series)
  4. K-ON! 2 - 07.04.2010 (TV Series)
  5. House of Five Leaves - 15.04.2010 (TV Series)
  6. Detective Conan : The Lost Ship in the Sky - 17.04.2010 (Movie)
  7. Trigun : Badlands Rumble - 24.04.2010 (Movie)
  8. Angel Beats! - xx.04.2010 (TV Series)
  9. Black Rock Shooter - xx.04.2010 (TV Series)
  10. Kiss x Sis - xx.04.2010 (TV Series)
 Line-up anime spring 2010 image from chartfag
    Update : See also for list of anime that will be release this summer Anime Summer 2010 List

    Source : Chartfag (Image), AnimeKon
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    2 Mar 2010

    Trigun The Movie : Badlands Rumble (Trailer)

    Vash the Stampede is back !!
    After long time no see Vash the Stampede, finally Trigun fans will see new action from Vash the Stampede.  Because the new film of Trigun titled Trigun : Badlands Rumble will open in Japan on April 24, 2010.

    Watch this trailer !

    Trigun Badlands Rumble Movie Trailer - The best free videos are right here
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