22 Feb 2010

Samurai X Reflection (OAV)

Rurouni Kenshin Seisōhen
Samurai X Reflection or known as Rurouni Kenshin Seisōhen tells the story about end of life of the legendary swordsman Kenshin Himura. Story started about Kaoru who was wating for the return of Kenshin Himura. She everyday going to the harbour to waiting Kenshin come home. When Kaoru was waiting for Kenshin, she reminisced about the first time she met with Kenshin until Kenshin left home to help the people outside Japan.
Maybe some fans of Samurai X will be disappointed because at the end of the story, Kenshin Himura rest forever because of his disease can not be cured. But I think this is the perfect story to end the story of Samurai X. Kenshin left his son named Kenji Himura.
This OVA series featuring many characters from the TV series, they are Kenshin Himura, Kaoru Kamiya, Yahiko Myojin, Sanosuke Sagara, Megumi Takani, Tsubame Sanjo, Seijuro Hiko.

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Samurai X - Reflection - Director's Cut (Rurouni Kenshin)

Samurai X Reflection (OAV) Trailer

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7 Feb 2010

Samurai X Trust & Betrayal (OAV)

Rurouni Kenshin Tsuioku Hen

Samurai X Trust & Betrayal or known as Rurouni Kenshin Tsuioku Hen tells the story when Kenshin Himura as a Hitokiri. Story started when Kenshin was a child saved by Hiko Seijuro from group of bandit who kill his family. After Kenshin Himura studied swordsmanship for several years from Hiko Seijuro, he left his teacher and join IshinShishi group to succeed Meiji Restoration . When he famous as a Hitokiri Battosai, Kenshin met with Yukishiro Tomoe, who later became his first wife.
This series reveals the mystery of who is giving cuts to the face of Kenshin Himura, and why Kenshin who had been a butcher to be no longer want to kill anyone after the revolution has ended. Only a few characters from the TV series appear in this OVA, they are Kenshin Himura, Hiko Seijuro, Hajime Saito, and Shishio Makoto.

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Samurai X - Trust & Betrayal (Director's Cut)

Samurai X Trust & Betrayal Trailer

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