26 Dec 2009

Kuroro Lucifer

Kuroro Lucifer : Character Profile & Biography (Hunter x Hunter Anime and Manga)

Kuroro Lucifer is a character from Hunter x Hunter anime and Hunter x Hunter manga created by Yoshihiro Togashi. Kuroro Lucifer childhood place is in Meteor City (Ryuuseigai Falling Star Street), the city is city of rubbish disposal, inhabited by exiles. With six others, he formed Genei Ryodan Clan and left Meteor City. Genei Ryodan Clan eventually have formation with 13 members, including Kuroro Lucifer as a leader. Genei Ryodan known as a group of bandit who like steal rare items.
As a leader of Genei Ryodan, Kuroro Lucifer was highly respected by its members. He very cool, calm and smart in a battle.
Kuroro Lucifer is the owner of specialization(Tokushitsu) nen type, where the type is very rare nen type. Kuroro Lucifer has the ability to steal (called, "Skill Hunter, quintessence of theft") his opponent's nen ability and makes his opponent's to lose his nen ability. That stolen ability then stored in a book made from nen. The book was called "The Secret Principles of Theft".
In stealing his opponent's nen ability, there are four requirements that must be done :
  1. He must view the opponent's ability with his own eyes
  2. He must inquire about the victim's nen and obtain responses
  3. He must put the cover of the book in contact with the victim's palm
  4. Fulfill these three requirements within an hour
When using stolen ability, the book Secret Principles of Theft should appear and held in his right hand then opened the pages of component skill that will be used. If the original owner of the stolen ability died, then the page of this capacity will be erased and Kuroro Lucifer could no longer use the nen ability.
Nen ability is already in the book is teleportation, the indoor fish, fun fun cloth (cloak materialization) and lovely ghost writer.
Kuroro Lucifer seemed stronger than Zeno Zoldyck, because Zeno admitted that he could defeat Kuroro in a one on one battle, but would be another story if Kuroro fight with all of strength.

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