16 Dec 2009

Gundam 18 Meter Life Size in Odaiba, Japan

Sorry for being late to post this article because I just know this news a few weeks ago and when I saw it for the first time, WOW AMAZING !!!!

18 Meter tall  Gundam life size displayed in Shiokaze Park on Tokyo' Odaiba artificial island which can be viewed by public for free. This event is to celebrate 30th anniversary of the Gundam. This amazing event can only be enjoyed for 2 months, starting in July 2009.

Watch this video !!!


blackskin said...

Wow..emang benar2 menakjubkan...
Orang jepang tuh memang punya imajinasi dan mimpi yang kuat. :D

Anime Manga Encyclopedia said...

in japan, fantasy can become a reality