2 Aug 2015

Digimon Adventure Tri Get New Promotional Video

The official website of Digimon Adventure Tri posted a new video teaser  for the upcoming anime with duration 119 seconds that uploaded on the TOEI Animation Youtube channel on August 1, 2015.

The video also reveal the opening theme for the film, "Butter-Fly" by Kouji Wada. Theme song from the prequel anime, Digimon Adventure TV series is comeback to this sequel film, it is Butter-fly, I Wish, and Brave Heart.

Digimon Adventure Tri is a 6 part film series, which the first film  will be released on November 21, 2015 with title Reunion.

Source: ANN
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1000 Units Whitebeard Statue Sold Only in 22 Hours

HQS White Beard

Tsume Art, a manufacturer of statues and figures based on official licenses that located in Luxembourg, produce a character from One Piece manga, white beard statue that officially named White Beard HQS by Tsume.
Surprisingly the statue that produced in limited quantity, 1000 units worldwide sold only in 22 Hours since Tsume Art start the pre order on July 30, 2015.

White Beard HQS by Tsume made by high quality resin and the result is almost 40 cm high and about 9 kg weight.  The pre order price is 369 €.

If you expect Tsume Art will add the quantity of the HQS White Beard production, just forget it because via the official facebook Tsume Art declare a statements that they never change the run of a production.
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18 Jun 2015

One Piece Manga Get Guinness World Record

One Piece Guinness World Record

The pirate theme manga, One Piece get the Guinness World Record for the Most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author.
The record sets from December 1997 to December 2014 issue of the Eiichiro Oda manga that has total 320,866,000 copies printed.

As we know, One Piece manga is also the best seller manga in Japan for the year of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.
The announcement for the record also published on the official website for the One Piece manga.

Since 1997 until now, the manga has total 77 volume book and published in more than 30 countries.

Source: Guinness World Record , ANN 
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8 Jan 2015

Silvertongue 30xx: Space-Time District Attorney Review

Silvertongue 30XX: Space-Time District Attorney follows the story of Silvertongue Hernandez and a rat-pack of time-travelling lawyers, specialised in revisiting (or more like crashing), so-called "Trials of the Century" throughout space-time. Silvertongue, a selfish, dark, ego-centric, womanizer and addict, will encounter the most bizarre of adventures in search of Reality 2; a parallel multi-verse he and his motley crew are carefully crafting, which will possibly mean salvation for us all. Or, will it?

When I read this indie manga, first impression is remember me to Nintendo game, Ace Attorney because the theme and drawing style is similar, about a lawyer.
This manga has own unique court system. The court conducted in a train which runs from one region to another region and equipped with some kind of snout which has functionality as a destroyer,  and because of that the train called Bulldozers in this manga. Each region in this manga, also has own law system.
I like the protagonist characters, they are space time attorney with each person having different character/personality and abilities.

Silvertongue 30XX: Space-Time District Attorney is not suitable if you are like with fighting/action scene although in volume 1 there are several fighting scene.
Because that is not the strength point of this manga. This manga is suitable for you who like a drama and justice talk story.

Thank you to Little Nando to send me a copy of first volume.
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6 Jan 2015

Top 15 Best Selling Plastic Model in 2014 by Hobby Search

At the end of 2014, Hobby Search blog posted a rank for the top 15 sales for plastic model and figures. The sales is for the items which has been released (or will be released) from January to December 2014 in Hobby Search.
This post is for top 15 sales plamo, while the figures rank category I made it in separate post.

Top 15 Best Selling Plastic Model in 2014 by Hobby Search

1. GN-001 Gundam Exia (RG)
Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : May 2014
Regular Price : 2,500 yen / 20.77 USD

2. Hi-Nu Gundam Ver.Ka (MG)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date :  August 2014
Regular Price : 7,000 yen / 58.15 USD

3. Gundam Exia Dark Matter (HGBF)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : March 2014
Regular Price : 1,800 yen / 14.95 USD 

4. GP Base (HGBC)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : November 2013
Regular Price : 600 yen / 4.98 USD

5. Star Build Strike Gundam Plavsky Wing (HGBF)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : January 2014
Regular Price : 1,500 yen / 12.46 USD

6. Build Burning Gundam (HGBF)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : October 2014
Regular Price : 1,400 yen / 11.63 USD

7. Nissan Sunny Truck (GB121) Long Body Deluxe

Manufacturer : Hasegawa
Release Date : November 2014
Regular Price : 3,200 yen / 26.58 USD

8. Wing Gundam Fenice (HGBF)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : December 2013
Regular Price : 1,600 yen / 13.29 USD

9. Gundam Fenice Rinascita (HGBF)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : September 2014
Regular Price : 1,800 yen / 14.95 USD

10. Gunpla LED Unit 2 pieces Set (Green)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : September 2011
Regular Price : 1,100 yen / 9.14 USD

11. MSN-04 Sazabi Ver.Ka (MG)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : December 2013
Regular Price : 9,000 yen / 74.76 USD

12. Volk Racing TE37RT

Manufacturer : Aoshima
Release Date : July 2014
Regular Price : 1,000 yen / 8.31 USD

13. ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam (RG)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : November 2013
Regular Price : 3,000 yen / 24.92 USD

14. Beargguy III (HGBF)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : December 2013
Regular Price : 1,800 yen / 14.95 USD

15. MSN-04II Nightingale (RE/100)

Manufacturer : Bandai
Release Date : September 2014
Regular Price : 8,000 yen / 66.46 USD

Different from top 15 figures sales category, this palstic model rank dominate with Bandai with their gundam plastic model or known as gunpla. As you seen on the rank, only 2 plamo that has no relation with gundam, the rest is gunpla.
So, on the list above, are there any plamo you have build?

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